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A Gathering Place

Healing Seeds Farm is a place to gather, share knowledge and laughter.  We are dedicated to producing the highest quality botanical medicinals through bio dynamic and organic farming practices.


Healing Seeds Farm was born in 2021, when the state of the world was uncertain and our confidence in relying on others to supply organic, clean food and clean water was waning…


With a background in Classical Chinese medicine and Naturopathic medicine, Dr. Babbie was deeply inspired by the documentary Biggest Little Farm about two farmers, John and Molly, who took 200 acres of land of dead soil and turned it into a permaculture paradise.  


Babbie and her partner, Lessing, grew up and spent their formative years in Park City, Utah.  With the pandemic, the culture and vibe in their little ski town changed dramatically, and they decided to move their family out to the country to realize their dream of starting their own permaculture community and organic farm.  


Our farm focuses on western botanical medicine, Chinese herbal medicine and produce; all organic and biodynamically prepared.  We start our process with the soil, to seed, to flower and then to our very own processing space where we produce all of our own tinctures, teas, salves and other medicines.  We offer Community Supported Agriculture shares, a local farm stand, have a presence in the local farmers market and provide produce for local restaurants. 


We offer farm-to-table dinners, permaculture workshops, Naturopathic and Chinese medicine weekend retreats, shamanic retreats, weddings and glamping events and internships.  

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